Date Posted: 30-06-2021

C7 June Recap – News & Releases!

Another month has flown by at Cubicle 7 and things are as busy as ever with two new PDF releases for Wrath & Glory – The Bloody Gates and On the Wings of Valkyries, two of four battlefield adventures set during the battle for Tora Armis. 

Ubersreik Adventures 2  for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay is now complete and heading off to print shortly! As well as the scenarios, UA2 looks at the impact of The Enemy Within on Ubersreik, so it’s a great update for the city guide from the WFRP Starter Set. Earlier today, we released Cluster-Eye Tribe for WFRP, the first in a series of PDF releases describing various tribes, warbands, and groups of roving troublemakers.

And that’s not all, earlier this week we launched the pre-order and released the PDF for Steam & Steel for Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound!

As well as these releases we recap on all of the news, blog posts and highlights you might have missed in June below!

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Ubersreik Adventures 2 –   Complete with Additional Content

Ubersreik Adventures 2 contains five all new adventures, along with a chapter expanding on events in the City of Ubersreik, the setting established in the WFRP Starter Set. It explores the fate of the city, as it teters between direct Imperial control, the influence of the Jungfrueds, and perhaps a glimpse of a more independent future. This section introduces new characters, locations and plots, and provides suggestions and advice on incorporating developments your characters may have experienced (or caused!) during the events of The Enemy Within campaign.

We have updated the Ubersreik Adventures 2 files with the promised additional information – this new content includes an exploration of Jungfreud Estate and the effects of The Enemy Within campaign on the city of Ubersreik.

Pre-order the physical copy of Ubersreik Adventures 2 on our webstore here and get the PDF Now!

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WFRP Cluster Eye Tribe PDF Out Now

The Cluster-Eye Tribe of Forest Goblins haunt the Drakwald. While many Goblin tribes are subject to control by their larger Orcish cousins, the Cluster-Eye Tribe remains fiercely independent, thanks in no small part to warbands like that of Vish Venombarb. 

This digital product provides stat profiles for Vish Venombarb, his Shaman Bograt the Blasted, one of the warband’s elite warriors, and one of their sneaky scouts, as well as the terrifying spiders they ride into battle. All are fully prepared and ready to be used against any band of adventurers foolish enough to cross their path. A selection of plot hooks, descriptions of the disposition of Vish’s forces and their typical tactics are also detailed, resulting in a Goblin encounter your Players are unlikely to forget — if they survive.

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WFRP: The Horned Rat 

In late May we released the PDF for The Horned Rat and more recently we shared some of the amazing skaven art here.  

Mangy Skaven by Álvaro Jiménez Hernández

The Horned Rat is the fourth volume of the revised and updated Director’s Cut of the Enemy Within, one of most highly regarded roleplaying campaigns ever written. Building on the dramatic events at the end of Power Behind the Throne, recruiting your brave heroes into the service of the city of Middenheim for more drama and intrigue.

In the penultimate volume of the five-part series of grim and perilous Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay adventures, the tables are turned as enemies that have pursued the Characters since the beginning of the epic campaign are forced to defend themselves.

Get all the info and pre-order The Horned Rat here.

WFRP Resentments, Recriminations and plain old-fashioned rage! 

Recently we shared an intriguing piece from Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Developer Dave Allen! If you missed any of Dave’s previous Folk and Folklore posts you will find part five and all the previous articles linked here.


So if I read this right, the Baron is due to pass beyond the Middle Mountains six days hence. Sigmar knows how our informant worked that out, but if his facts are straight, we can secure the carriage to this bluff in the clearing here and get some shots off. Manann send us a favourable wind and we’ll cause such a blast even the cloth-eared Graf’ll have to heed it. Remember Elswater Keep? Remember the Necromancer’s Ruin? This is for Theodric!’ 

Sepp Wurnhauser, Artillerist

While we are on the subject of hammers and tools in general, you know what they say about Nordlanders? They don’t have an axe to grind — they just want their independence. Centuries of resentments, recriminations and plain old-fashioned rage are ideal conditions to incite a separatist movement and start a rebellion…

Continue reading here.

WFRP Shipping Update

Middenheim and Archives pre-orders are shipping from our Irish warehouse. Last month we mentioned a delay into US distribution – that routine customs check has gone quicker than expected and US customers should start to receive their pre-orders soon. 

Middenheim: City of the White Wolf distils the best of previous writing on the chosen city of Ulric, and combines it with new creatures, new NPCs, new locations, and rules to create the ultimate sourcebook for groups wishing to adventure in Middenheim and its surrounds. Full rules for creating Middenheimer, Middenlander and Nordlander Characters are included, along with a new career for true devotees of Ulric. 

Pre-Order Middenheim here and receive the PDF now!

Archives of the Empire: Volume I is a fascinating and diverse collection of articles on topics that cover the length and breath of the Old World. The first volume focuses on the other species, Dwarfs, Elves and Halflings, whose presence enriches (or enrages) the world of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. Volume I details new locations, careers, and NPCs perfect for inclusion in your next WFRP adventure.

Pre-order Archives of the Empire here and receive the PDF now!

Age of Sigmar: Soulbound 

Steam & Steel PDF Out Now!

We revealed the fantastic cover illustrated by Johan Grenier a few weeks ago and just a few days ago, we launched the pre-order and released the PDF for Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound, Steam and Steel! Johan also illustrated the amazing Soulbound Bestiary cover.

Pre-Order the physical copy here and receive the PDF now!

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Warhammer Age of Sigmar Steam and Steel presents everything you need to begin crafting your own weapons, armour, and machines of war. This book contains new aetheric equipment for the Kharadron, new Fyreslayer runes, new weapons and crafting rules, alchemy and potion making, and rules for vehicular combat along with dozens of example ships and war machines. Not only that, but Steam and Steel explores what crafting means to cultures across the Mortal Realms — for some it is simply a job, for others it reflects a lifelong devotion to their deity.

Steam and Steel is perfect for players looking to create their own equipment, and for GMs who are looking to bring ship-to-ship combat and large-scale vehicular destruction to their game!

Stars & Scales: Mysterious Seraphon Out Now!

Today we released the much anticipated PDF Stars and Scales, a supplement for Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound that focuses on the mysterious Seraphon!

Mysterious Seraphon — reptilian warriors trailing comet tails of light and burning atmosphere, wielding golden artefacts that crackle with celestial energies. The PDF gives GMs and players a wealth of resources for using the Seraphon in their campaign. Stars and Scales explores Seraphon society, their goals, the different types of Seraphon, and what tasks they might request of the Soulbound.

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Interview with Soulbound Producer Emmet Byrne

Have you seen Emmet Byrne’s interview with Ontabletop? Emmet revealed the cover for upcoming release Champions of Death for Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound. (shown below)

Illustrated by Johan Grenier, the cover shows a powerful Vampire Lord in the centre, surrounded by her allies. A towering Necropolis Stalker looms behind her, while a vile Necromancer summons the dead to do her bidding. To the front, a spectral Knight of Shrouds stands over a crumbling pile of bones, and a slavering Crypt Infernal Courtier waits for their next meal.

Find out more about Champions of Death and see more amazing art here.

Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay: Wrath & Glory. 

The Bloody Gates PDF Out Now!

Storm the city, subdue the heretics, win your freedom. 

Even Gilead Primus isn’t free of the scourge of heresy. Rebels have taken the Hive City of Tora Armis, and within its walls they preach filth and lies to a captive audience of Imperial citizens. The Astra Militarum and Adeptus Astartes have launched a combined operation to retake the Hive, and a group of Imperial Agents are at ground zero. 

Fireteam 123-B of the Gilead Gravediggers Auxiliary Penal Brigade have one simple job: scale the dam around the Hive City, clear a kilometer-wide minefield, and breach the gates. The plan doesn’t account for the heretics’ legion  horde of Poxwalkers, though.

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On the Wings of Valkyries PDF Out Now!

On the Wings of Valkyries – the second of four battlefield adventures set during the battle for Tora Armis. If you missed part one – The Bloody Gates you can find out more here.

Rebuke the witch, cleanse the sanctuary, reclaim the spire. 

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Heretic traitors hold the Hive Spire of Tora Armis, in the heart of Gilead Primus. While the Astra Militarum fight tooth and nail for the outer districts, an elite Imperial strike team forges deeper into the spire in pursuit of the witch Raurok the Herald and his twisted acolytes. In a spire overwhelmed by corruption, the Agents’ only allies are a gang of hive scum; not much support, against a hive full of twisted heretics. 

New Warhammer 40k Stream

Did you see episode 1 of this new stream for Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay: Wrath & Glory from Glass Cannon? Episode 2 airs tonight, Wednesday June 30th on Twitch at 8pm EST here.

If you missed it on Twitch, you can watch the first session of New Game, Who Dis? featuring Warhammer 40K: Wrath & Glory is on YouTube here.

Warhammer Production Update

Got your eye on an upcoming title? Our June Production Update is available now, find out where every Warhammer title is at in our production process here. As always, until books hit warehouses, all the dates are our working estimates. 

Virtual Tabletop Recent Releases

WFRP Starter Set & Rough Nights & Hard Days on ROLL20!

Play Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay with friends anywhere in the world on the award-winning Roll20® virtual tabletop!

Late last year, we were delighted to launch Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Fourth Edition on Roll20® with the officially supported Character Sheet and Compendium!  Today we are excited to launch the WFRP Starter Set and Rough Nights & Hard Days on Roll20® !  

Buy WFRP Starter Set on Roll20™ here.

Buy WFRP Rough Nights & Hard Days on Roll20™ here.

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