Date Posted: 02-12-2020

C7 Editor Síne Quinn Reflects On Recent Projects

This week managing editor Síne Quinn discusses the exciting RPG projects she has been working on of late and gives some insights into the editing process here at Cubicle 7! And, as its #WarhammerWednesday we’ve included some art from upcoming Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay release – Archives of the Empire, available for advance pre-order here. The PDF will follow once complete.

Halfling Clans of the Reikland’ by Kim Van Deun, WFRP: Archives of the Empire

Who knew I’d make it to the 41st Millennium? Certainly not me, as I scurry behind Sisters Hospitallers as they stride meaningfully across battlefields, the ground pounding with each purposeful step – hoping their mere presence will heal my mind and soul before I move on. I’ve gazed in wonder through the Great Rift before turning away, fearing for my sanity. I swerve just in time as charging green beasts known as a WAAAGH! hurtle towards me. 

I’ve lingered a little too long in the Mortal Realms, been blinded by Hysh’s light; spotted foliage creep around my ankles taking it as my cue to leave Ghyran; jumping on to Ghur, where I watched in awe as Ghuroch, Thundertusks and woolly Shaghorns stampede by. 

I’ve travelled along the Reik admiring the changing countryside in the Berebeli making sure not to alert Josef Quartjin that there was a stowaway in his midst whilst watching his every move closely. I’ve considered staying for a while as he pays 6 pence a day for crew members, but how could I explain that payment to Revenue? I disembark just in time, checking my own waistline as I leave (it’s true, he does have fine taste in beer, but despicable hygiene habits). (Port out, starboard home – every time!)

Against my wishes and better judgement, I’ve shadowed Skaven so closely that the sight of a mouse no longer makes me leap in fright. Though, I’ve jumped in my sleep after seeing Gideon enter my room and peer down at me – thanks a bunch, JG and Sam! I’ve even scrubbed my hands of purple dye while singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to the Emperor. 

As well as moving through different realms, I’ve admired a menagerie of incredible creatures, witnessed bar brawls and street fights, ensuring to stay above the fray at all times and keep on Sigmar’s good side. 

Caption: ‘Halfling’ by Sam Manley, WFRP: Archives of the Empire

After travelling through RPG texts for over two years, the quality of artwork, adventure ideas and writing is even more remarkable, but that’s all thanks to the talented team at Cubicle 7. Just wait until you see what’s coming down the line – just ensure to step out of the way in time. As the company continues to grow, both in-house and freelance, I’m even more impressed by my colleagues’ enthusiasm and knowledge. In particular, editor Chris Walz and proofreader Jacob Rodgers, who have thrown me a raft, grappling hook, compass and map to free me of many tricky situations. 

I blink and turn my eyes from the screen and wonder, do I really share my home with three giants and a miniature dragon, is this real? Who knows… after what I’ve seen, maybe I do? But don’t believe all that you read. 

Síne Quinn, Managing Editor, Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd. 

Here’s my initial reaction after reading some of the material in WFRP: Archives of the Empire

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