Date Posted: 22-05-2019

Buy Buildings of the Reikland!


Buildings of the Reikland presents 11 exhaustively detailed locations to add to your Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay campaigns. Now available to buy on drivethruRPG

Stuffed with useful descriptions, interesting NPCs, and detailed maps, Buildings of the Reikland provides everything needed to immediately add any of its new buildings to your games of WFRP. All the locations offer a variety of adventure hooks to ensure they can be seamlessly introduced to your WFRP campaigns, meaning they can inspire many sessions of gaming with very little effort. Including everything from a fortified farmstead and fragrant cheesemonger in Ubersreik, to an isolated toll gate, a coaching inn, and a wayside shrine to the Goddess Rhya, there is sure to be something useful for every WFRP game!

Buildings of the Reikland includes:

·       Herbert Harzert’s Cheesemonger of Distinction

·       The Oldenhaller Warehouse

·       Limburg’s Farm

·       Widow Hurkle’s Boarding House

·       The Pouncing Pegasus Inn

·       The Drum and Hat Tavern

·       Hartsklein Lock and Lock Keeper’s House

·       Signal Tower NG-163-HY

·       Pfieffer Toll Gate

·       Walen Temple of Sigmar

·       The Diesdorf Table

Written by WFRP regulars Andy Law, Andrew Leask, and Clive Oldfield, Buildings of the Reikland is the perfect addition to any WFRP gaming library. It not only adds many new, exciting places for Players to visit, it also provides a handy template for creating your own versions of these commonly encountered locations, meaning the maps can be used again and again and again.