What is Wrath & Glory?

Cubicle 7’s Warhammer 40,000 Wrath & Glory is the story of the Gilead System, eight Imperial worlds cut off from the Emperor’s light by the Great Rift. Wrath & Glory runs on heroic sacrifices and epic action. It’s as intense and unrelenting as life in the 41st Millennium, throwing seasoned fighters into the carnage of battle alongside fierce and unlikely allies! Brass Tax, this exclusive US Open adventure for Wrath & Glory is the perfect taster for your gaming group!

New to RPGs? Not to worry! Head over to our How To Play page for a rundown on what to expect. It covers RPG Basics, How to be a Player and How to be a Game Master!

BRASS TAX: An Exclusive US Open PDF!

Brass Tax is an adventure for one Gamesmaster and four players. You will play a squad of Space Marine Scouts, raiding an illicit Manufactorum on Enoch, a Gilead Shrine World. The manufactorum has been attempting to turn shell casings, once traded on Enoch as relics of the Emperor’s Astartes, back into working bolter ammo. They were being investigated by Marius, a Scout from the W&G: Starter Set, before contact was lost. The Absolvers have sent a larger force to investigate his disappearance, and the manufactorum.

Continue your adventure

Looking for more? Continue your journey with The Wrath and Glory Starter Set. The set contains everything you need to begin roleplaying action packed adventures in the world of Warhammer 40,000. Whether this is your first tabletop roleplaying game, or you are an experienced Gamemaster, the starter set is the perfect starting point for anyone interested in Wrath and Glory. Pre-order on

We also have a number of supplements available phyiscally and digitally to expand on the story of the Gilead System!

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