WFRP: Death on the Reik PDF Out Now!


The wait is over! The PDF for WFRP Death on the Reik  is complete! You can now pre-order your copy of the book here and get a hold of the PDF so you can get started straight away. 

The stunning Collector's Edition of DOTR can also be pre-ordered here, this set includes Death on the Reik and its companion, presented in a beautiful slipcase.  

Anyone who ordered the complete set of Enemy Within Collector's editions has now been sent Volume 2.

We have also decided to open pre-orders for the Companion today to allow those who wish to bundle postage the opportunity to do so, the PDF for it will follow once complete. You can pre-order here.

WFRP: Death on the Reik The Enemy Within Director’s Cut, Volume 2

Welcome to Death on the Reik, part two of the revised and updated Director’s Cut of the Enemy Within, one of the most highly regarded roleplaying campaigns ever written! Created by legendary WFRP writer, Graeme Davis, one of the original writers of the campaign, the Director’s Cut provides additional material to create an enhanced experience that maintains all the mood and paranoia of the original. Death on the Reik carries on from where Enemy in Shadows left off, taking your unlikely heroes on a grand adventure up and down the remarkable Reik, the largest river in the Old World and trade route to the heart of the Empire.

Death in the Reik includes a selection of ‘Grognard Boxes’ that add entirely new ways to play through the adventures, ensuring even those who have played the Enemy Within campaign before will find Death on the Reik new and exciting.

The Enemy Within is the campaign all roleplaying game enthusiasts should play at least once in their lives, making Death on the Reik an essential purchase for all gamers.

Pre-order the physical copy of Death on the Reik from our webstore here and receive the PDF straight away. If you prefer to order just the PDF, you can order it from our webstore here. If you wish to order the PDF only from DtivethruRPG you can do that here.

Find out more about Volume 1 of the Enemy Within Campaign - Enemy in Shadows here.

WFRP: Death on the Reik Collector's Edition

The Collector’s Edition of Death on the Reik can now be pre-ordered here. The beautifully finished, exclusive Collector’s Edition set includes Death on the Reik and the Companion presented in a slipcase featuring the artwork from the standard editions.

The white elements of the design are imprinted in silver foil - items such as the borders, skulls, the grasping arms of the dead, and so on will have a really vibrant finish.

The printed elements have been kept to a minimum tonal palette in keeping with WFRP’s distinct style, and will have a Spot UV finish layered over them, so they’ll have something of a special finish as well.

As with Volume 1, the books are case bound, with a few extra little surprises tucked in that we won’t spoil here. We really enjoy creating these Collector’s Editions, and know that they’ll take pride of place on our own bookshelves for years to come as well.

The final product may change slightly during the production process. The images used are for display purposes only.

Collector's edition covers by Sam Manley and Rachael Macken.

WFRP: Enemy in Shadows Collector's Edition

Volume 1 of the Enemy Within Campaign - Enemy in Shadows can be pre-ordered here. You will receive the PDFs for Enemy in Shadows and its Companion once ordered.

The complete Enemy Within Collector’s Edition, a magnificent 10-book set presented in 5 gloriously illustrated slip cases can also be ordered here.

All Collector's edition orders include Developer Diary PDFs.

WFRP: Death on the Reik Companion

The Death on the Reik Companion is packed with supplementary material to expand Death on the Reik and support any WFRP games set on the Empire’s rivers and canals.

Death on the Reik Companion includes: 

  • Exclusive Guest Commentaries from James Wallis and Martin McKenna on their memories of the original Death on the Reik
  • A GM’s Guide including: a complete breakdown of the Red Crown, one of the Empire’s most dangerous Tzeentch cults.
  • Additional adventure content, including: The Emperor Luitpold, a luxury barge with a bevy of secrets in its holds and staterooms, and ‘The Vengeance of The Gravelord’, part 1 of an adventure thread that can be woven throughout The Enemy Within.
  • A selection of new herbs from ‘Hortensia Puddlefoot’s General Concordance of Herbs’.
  • An examination of life on the Reik with details on settlements and trade.  
  • A Bestiary of monsters that haunt the river, and a list of waterborne diseases. 
  • A wide range of riverfolk NPCs with hints and tips for how to incorporate them.

The Death on the Reik Companion is an essential supplement to the second part of Enemy Within campaign, and an indispensable guide for any adventure taking place on the Empire’s rivers.

While the PDF for the companion is not quite ready, we wanted to launch this product to allow those who wish to bundle postage the opportunity to order multiple products at the same time. The PDF for this title will follow as soon as it is complete - we anticipate its release in Q3 2020. We will continue to update those who pre-order on its progress. 

Advance pre-order the Companion here.

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