Doctor Who: S13, The Flux - EP2. Picture Shows: Dan (JOHN BISHOP)

Meet Dan Lewis

With the core rulebook for Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game Second Edition hitting the shelves, you’ll notice in the back of the book you can find the character sheets for the Thirteenth Doctor, Graham O’Brien, Yasmin Khan, and Ryan Sinclair. But what about the latest addition to Team TARDIS, Dan Lewis?

Much like the Doctor, Liverpool-born Dan is always putting others before himself. Volunteering at a food bank, and conducting unofficial tours of the Museum of Liverpool, he’s always there to help others in need. It was only a matter of time before someone as selfless as this would find himself defending his beloved city, and the whole of the planet, as the threat of the Flux loomed. 

Captured by Karvanista, Dan found himself aboard the TARDIS as the Doctor struggled to find the source of the Flux, and prevent it from destroying the entire Universe. 

If you’d like to add Dan to your game, you can find Dan’s character sheet below and the rest of Team TARDIS’ character sheets in the Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game here 

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