Macharian Sector

While Imperium Maledictum’s rules and lore support games set throughout the beleaguered Imperium, its ‘default’ setting is the Macharian Sector. Formed from a set of worlds which were among those first conquered during the early years of the legendary Lord Solar Macharius’ epic seven-year crusade, the Macharian Sector was once a model of productivity. The aftermath of the opening of the Great Rift and the Noctis Aeterna has not been kind to it though and many planets lie in ruins.

In bringing the worlds of the Macharian Sector to life, Cubicle 7 dove deep into the details of how the various planets of the sector once functioned, before discussing their present status. We also talk about topics as varied as which cults have prominence, successful merchants, influential criminal cartels, which Houses of the Navis Nobilite function in the sector, and even some famous Knight Houses. We also talk about Macharian fashion and cuisine. There is a section that highlights various Macharian foodstuffs, but a sharp-eyed reader will catch references to other victuals throughout the core book which aren’t fully detailed. Here are some explanations of those obscure references to whet your appetite!

Algae Pack – A colloquial term, referring to tins of algae produced on Voll. Notionally flavoured in different ways, most consumers report they all taste exactly the same unless some extra seasoning is added.

Cloud-Ray Flank – Popular cut of meat from the Agri-World of Harjus. Marination is highly recommended. Available only to the extremely wealthy and/or well connected.

Kothir – The famed ice-wine of Jotungarth. Rare and difficult to create as Jotungarth is very cold and not particularly suitable for cultivation. However, there are small vineyards on the planet – some in the Ice Palaces of the Highborn, others in specialised hydroponic underwater settlements. These specially adapted plants produce a particularly hearty grape.  

Mala – A globular purplish fruit naturally separated into three sections, each of which carries a single small pit. Gourmands have compared mala fruit to the mythological Terran delicacy known as a plum - but since none alive in Macharia have tasted one, this coincidence is speculation at best. The fruit is well suited to dehydration and long-term storage, retaining much of this flavour. As a result, the Imperium approved the Mala for cultivation elsewhere, and it is now said to grow on over a hundred worlds in the Macharian Sector. Astra Militarum soldiers issued a rehydrated Mala as a rare treat are required to turn at least two pits back in, to aid further propagation.

Orza – A long grain that resembles a sharp fleshy blade. An exceedingly hearty grain, capable of thriving in a number of adverse conditions. It makes decent bread, tolerable gruel, and Astra Militarum soldiers regularly brew it into a rough alcohol called Sej.

Sej – A coarse alcohol made from Orza grain and popular among soldiers, Sej is usually flavoured with whatever can be found to temper the somewhat bitter taste. Allegedly named after General Sejanus who was rumoured to love it.