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Just as we’re all celebrating the 60th Anniversary of everyone’s favourite Time Lord, the worlds of Doctor Who and the world’s most popular roleplaying game collide in the form of Doctors and Daleks. Bringing epic time-travelling adventures to 5e provides a new opportunity to resolve conflicts that can change the way you game!

Rather than leaping into a fight, the Doctor will always try to find a way out of coming to blows and avoid using weapons except in dire circumstances. To reflect this approach to a face-off with dangerous and deadly villains, Doctors and Daleks  uses Plot Points rather than Hit Points, keeping track of a villain’s control over things rather than actual health. Characters can try to outwit, charm, insult, or deceive their opponents with Quips, or utilise gadgets, found objects, or other distractions to diminish the villain’s Plot Points. You can convince them their plan is useless, flip random switches on a nearby control panel to disrupt it, show them that their logic is flawed, or appeal to their mercy. The conflict is over when their Plot Points are depleted, with one side victorious or running away. Of course, you may not be convincing enough, and those Dalek exterminators are deadly!

The Doctors and Daleks: Player’s Guide is chock full of advice on making every Doctors and Daleks adventure feel like you’re living in an episode of the legendary Doctor Who TV series.

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