Date Posted: 23-08-2021

AoS: Steam & Steel Updated Files


We have updated the files for recent Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound release – Steam and Steel. The update to the PDF files includes:

  • Minor typos corrected
  • Minor graphical adjustments
  • Page 32: Armour Aspects table updated to correct Traits
  • Page 44: Text was hidden by boxout. This is now corrected
  • Page 45: “Help” rows were mislabelled and “Hurt” rows were missing. This is now corrected.
  • Page 66: Zharrgron Flame-spitter range corrected to Long. Clarification that the Zharrgron Flame-spitter moves with you when you move.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Steam and Steel presents everything you need to begin crafting your own weapons, armour, and machines of war. This book contains new aetheric equipment for the Kharadron, new Fyreslayer runes, new weapons and crafting rules, alchemy and potion making, and rules for vehicular combat along with dozens of example ships and war machines.

Not only that, but Steam and Steel explores what crafting means to cultures across the Mortal Realms — for some it is simply a job, for others it reflects a lifelong devotion to their deity.

Bloodthrone by Max Fitzgerald

Perfect for players looking to create their own equipment, and for GMs who are looking to bring ship-to-ship combat and large-scale vehicular destruction to their game!

To find out more about this exciting title check out this article.

Get all the info and pre-order here.

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