Date Posted: 17-06-2019

Age of Sigmar Soulbound: Witch Aelf


Today Cubicle 7 producer Emmet Byrne discusses a previously revealed Archetype for Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound — the deadly Witch Aelf of the Daughters of Khaine. 

Cold and Merciless

A bloodthirsty zealot of Khaine you exist to nourish the bloody-handed god, one blood sacrifice at a time.

Few of the mortal races can match the Aelves for agility or grace, but there are few even amongst the Aelves who can rival the lethal sublimity of a Witch Aelf of Khaine. For them the shedding of blood is an ecstatic act, and even their combat exercises are imbued with the weight and deadly seriousness of sacred rites. Though most right-thinking folk find the Khainites’ practices deeply disturbing, there is no organisation outside of the Stormhosts of Azyr more fiercely opposed to the encroachment of Chaos and few boasting warriors so deadly. Temples to the Murder God can be found in most Free Cities, the most famous being run by the larger Khainite sects such as Hagg Nar, Khelt Narr, or Draichi Ganeth. There are, however, innumerable smaller sects, each with their own favoured way of giving proper honour to the god of Murder.

“I know they look cold now, son, but wait until that brayherd comes over the hill and the blood starts spraying – just thank Sigmar they’re on our side, and that the captain put us on the other side of the battlefield.” – Freeguild Sergeant Hallas Farrim

While many Witch Aelves will be based with their coven in their sect temples, others, such as the Khailebron or the Kraith, are devoted wanderers, performing as blade dancers or gladiatorial fighters throughout the Mortal Realms. Additionally, every Khainite is expected to make a pilgrimage to the first temple of Hagg Nar in the Umbral Veil of Ulgu at least once in their life. Their society is strictly hierarchical however and an individual Witch Aelf would likely require special dispensation from her Hag Queen in order to go adventuring of her own volition. As an alternative, they could be assigned as emissaries or spies to one of the Free Cities, or dispatched on a quest to recover an artefact of import – perhaps even one of the priceless Shards of Khaine.

What Next?

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