Date Posted: 01-07-2019

Age of Sigmar Soulbound: Skyrigger


Today AoS Producer Emmet Byrne is looking at one of our previously announced Archetypes for Age of Sigmar: Soulbound — the Skyrigger in more detail.

Masters of the Aether-endrin

Harnessing the power of an aether-endrin, you fly above the land, employing aethermatic devices to ensure the profitability of your venture.

Skyriggers are Kharadron who have mastered the use of a back-mounted aether-endrin. These fantastic devices give them the ability to fly through the air. Bulky, bulbous contraptions, the aether-endrins resemble what they are – miniature versions of the endrins that allow skyships to remain in the air. By adjusting the feed of aether-fuel, a Skyrigger can increase or decrease their altitude while venting aether-gas can provide manoeuvrability. These mixtures are highly volatile, so Skyriggers wear protective clothing and armour to guard against any caustic discharges.

“To float among the clouds is a wonder to be cherished. Almost as much as clapping eyes on a rich vein of aether-gold.” – Durbaaz Grumm of the Iron Dragon 

Skyriggers have been trained to perform a variety of hazardous tasks utilising their aether-endrins. They are often called upon to act as mechanics to conduct aerial repairs on their skyships. Employing rivet guns, saws, hammers, and other tools, the Skyriggers maintain the sky-worthiness of the aether-fleets far from the safety of a harbour. These duties are not for the faint-hearted. Often they need to conduct these repairs under gruelling conditions and with no time for mistakes, a situation that quickly weeds out those without the nerve for such responsibility. Aside from repair-work they may also be called upon to act as an elite strike-force, using the speed and agility of their aether-endrins for quick charges against an enemy and to lead boarding actions high above the earth. Skyriggers often utilise skymines when deployed in such a role, timing the explosive detonations for maximum effect. 

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