Date Posted: 08-03-2021

AoS: Soulbound, Shadows in the Mist New Release!

Welcome back to #MortalRealmsMonday! We are excited to release the next part of the Shadows in the Mist campaign today!

Petrified Wood is the fourth adventure in the Shadows in the Mist campaign. It can be played as part of that campaign or as a standalone adventure. You can purchase each adventure in Shadows in the Mist individually, or buy the complete collection.

Pre-order the physical copy of Shadows in the Mist here and receive the Anvilgard City GuideBloodtide, Crucible of Life, Rotten to the Core and Petrified Wood PDFs straight away! The physical copy will follow once complete.

Or pre-order the PDF only copy of Shadows in the Mist via our webstore here and receive Anvilgard City GuideBloodtide, Crucible of Life, Rotten to the Core and Petrified Wood PDFs straight away!

Alternatively you can buy just the Petrified Wood PDF from our webstore here.

You can also pre-order Shadows in the Mist via DrivethruRPG here.

If you have already ordered you will automatically be alerted to update your files.

Petrified Wood

The roiling green mists are thick in the harbour tonight. So thick your every breath burns in your lungs and your footsteps are muffled whispers on the pavement. You can barely see your own hands in front of your face, but even through the sense-damping mists, there is no mistaking the shrill cry of shocked horror that fills the air around you. You track the bouncing screams through the dockside mists until a vast shape emerges from the haze. Before you stands a towering Kurnoth Hunter of the Sylvaneth, seemingly unmoving. As you get closer, you see its bark has turned a sickly white and they are frozen in place…

Petrified Wood follows the events of Crucible of Life and Rotten to the Core and see a party of Soulbound heroes tasked with investigating the murder of one of the Sylvaneth that dwell in Anvilgard. The party must speak with the strange coven of Branchwyches that oversee Spireroot — the Sylvaneth’s home high above the mists of Anvilgard — and must do all they can to stop open war in the city. However, the party are being stalked themselves and soon discover that Anvilgard has a serious rat problem…

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