Date Posted: 16-09-2019

Age of Sigmar Soulbound: Kurnoth Hunter


Today we’re looking at another Archetype for Age of Sigmar: Soulbound — the commanding Kurnoth Hunter of the Sylvaneth.  

Guardian of the Sylvaneth

Cultivated to serve as a defender of the natural order, you wield bow, sword, and scythe to oppose all who threaten the Sylvaneth.

The Kurnoth Hunter is a Free Spirit cultivated by Alarielle as one of her elite warriors. His purpose is to hunt down those who threaten the natural order. In this role he is well-equipped, able to move swiftly and silently across the land. Physically he is a formidable opponent, much larger than a dryad and with a body encased in thick, armour-like bark. The Kurnoth Hunter is more than simply a soldier, however. He will stalk enemies of the Sylvaneth with indefatigable resolve, biding his time until he is certain of success. Many times his hunts will take him far beyond the boundaries of an enclave, well into lands claimed by enemies. Yet nothing will stay a Kurnoth Hunter from his task, for it is a sacred trust bestowed on him and one in which he cannot waver.

“The song of your doom was written by your deeds. There is no pleasure in destruction, only necessity.”- Thornheart, Far-Stalker of Bramblegrip Enclav

A Kurnoth Hunter has within him some of the wrath of the hunter god Kurnoth. While he venerates Alarielle as the mother goddess, he also worships Kurnoth as spirit father, a duality of devotion that makes other Sylvanth suspicious. It is not helped that the Hunter is very different in his conduct than their fellow Sylvaneth. While even the great Treelords will display a capriciousness and whimsy at times, the Kurnoth Hunter has a mindset of intense focus. His spirit is calm and stoic, meeting ordeals with a fatalistic acceptance. He will tend to be cautious in his dealings, always calculated towards the purpose he is focused upon. Accustomed to ranging far from their enclaves, the Kurnoth Hunter is more familiar with outside threats than other Sylvaneth, and more adaptable in his methods to protect the natural order.

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Clara-Marie Morin