Date Posted: 02-09-2019

Age of Sigmar Soulbound: Knight-Questor


Today we’re looking at another Archetype for Age of Sigmar: Soulbound — the dauntless Knight-Questor of the Stormcast Eternals.  

Blade of the God-King

You are a champion of the Celestial Realm, charged with a holy duty by the God-King himself. 

Even amongst the glittering exemplars of Sigmar’s Stormhosts the Knight-Questor stands above and apart. They are solitary heroes, able and wholly willing to spend months, years, or even centuries if need be, braving the darkest horrors of the Mortal Realms in pursuit of their quest. The geas that drives each individual varies from knight to knight, but it rules them utterly. It could be as simple as the slaying of a Chaos champion, the delivery of an arcane seal to a fyreslayer lodge or the retrieval of a mythic weapon. It could equally, however, be something as bizarre and pointless as to climb a particular hill in Chamon to pick the weed that flowers there only at noon. The ways of the God-King are rarely scrutable, and it is not the place of mere servants to try. Although solitary by calling, a Knight-Questor will often find themselves in the company of fellow adventurers – for as long as their quests align.

Sigmar has named me Knight-Questor. I am above such authority now, beholden only to the geas he has placed upon me to find the skaven’s leader and show him the God-King’s justice.” 

– Knight-Questor Hamilcar Bear-Eater

The Knight-Questor is (quite literally) born for the life of an adventure, blessed with the finest armour and weapons from the forges of Sigmaron and whatever esoterica that the specifics of their unique quest might demand. No commander, mortal or otherwise, has the authority to order a Knight-Questor from their course and even the commonest Freeguild officer will know better than to try. If and when a Knight-Questor should ever complete their quest then it is possible they will be reassigned to their former position within the Stormhosts. However, it is more common for a Knight-Questor to emerge triumphant from their quest, a new commandment from the God-King already guiding their next steps.

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Dániel Kovács, in-house artist

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