Date Posted: 14-02-2022

AoS: Soulbound, Champions of Destruction – Bonesplitterz!

Hey folks, and welcome back to another #MortalRealmsMonday. Today we are continuing our preview of Champions of Destruction for Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound. Last time we revealed the brutal Ironjawz. Today we’re sharing a look at the Waaagh!-filled, beast-huntin’ Bonespliitterz!

All Bonesplitterz artwork illustrated by Siman Vlaisavljević.

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Possessed by the spirit of a berserk beast, you throw yourself recklessly into every fray. 

When a Bonesplitter scarfs down hard-won bone, there is always a chance the beast they’re eating refuses to go down quietly. The possessed Orruk’s companions cheer them on as they convulse and collapse, for when they wake up, they are forever a Morboy, the already relentless buzzing of the Waaagh! magnified to an extreme degree. Morboys abandon their bone shields for a second weapon, and the mere mention of battle can set their tattoos glowing and tongues lolling in anticipation. Their warclan can always rely on them to charge at the biggest, most impressive quarry in sight, and should they kill it they hardly pause before piling on to the next one.

Morboyz channel the Power of the Beast Spirit to drive their allies to greater destruction when a worthy foe is defeated.


You heal rather than destroy using Gorkamorka’s power, albeit so your mates can fight all the harder.

Wardokks have a natural talent for their Rukk’s chants and dances, refined under the tutelage of their Wurrgog Prophet. With their rhythmic movements, they can channel the Great Green so well that Bonesplitterz around them feel their wounds closing, their vision clearing, and their tattoos glowing with extra power. At the same time, some Wardokks know their boys well enough that they can achieve the same effect with a bracing talk, a smack on the head, and a bite of Squig jerky, and they save their rites for dire circumstances. However they choose to do it, Wardokks are responsible for getting the mobs good and riled up. 

A Wardokk uses their Ritual Dance to bolster their allies, healing wounds, turning aside blows, and bolstering their magic.

Wurrgog Prophet

Wearing the beasts you have slain, you understand a primal cosmic truth, which allows you to unleash the power of the wild.

The undisputed leaders of the Bonesplitterz, Wurrgog Prophets always know where the next best fight is. They interpret Gorkamorka’s will, using everything from Waaagh!-induced visions to the shapes of the clouds, and their followers scramble to obey their every command no matter how nonsensical or surreal they seem. When, in their roundabout way, they arrive at the promised battlefield, these elder Orruks wear trophies from their past hunts, including huge wooden masks imbued with the essences of past kills. With these relics, a Wurrgog Prophet can crack the earth, wrench up trees, and smash their enemies flat with ectoplasmic fists and feet.

A Wurrgog Prophet uses their connection to the Waaagh! to unleash might spells of the Savage Beast.

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