Date Posted: 30-03-2021

AoS: Soulbound Bestiary & Champions of Order File Updates

Bestiary File Updates

Yesterday, we released the much anticipated Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound Bestiary in PDF and opened pre-orders!

We have just updated the file to correct some errors in a number of statblocks:

  • Melusai’s Melee corrected to Good
  • Armour for Vulkite Berzerker and Auric Runefather reduced by 1.
  • The Griffon Piercing Bloodroar now only affects enemies
  • Mettle has been added to the Flamespyre Phoenix
  • The Kharibdyss creature type has been corrected.
  • The Bastiladon’s Attributes have been corrected
  • The Stegadon’s Attributes and Skills have been corrected.
  • Toughness for the Morghast, Fellwater Troggoth, Rockgut Troggoth, and Ogor Tyrant have been corrected.
  • The Rockgut Troggoth’s Attributes have been corrected.
  • The Ogor Glutton no longer has Mettle
  • The Treelord and Hell Pit Abomination are now Enormous creatures.

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Champions of Order File Updates

The Champions of Order PDF has been updated with pre-press errata. This includes some minor text amendments as well as the following clarifications:

  • The Grimwrath Berzerker incorrectly listed the Juggernaut Talent. This is now Unstoppable Force.
  • The Hammerhal Ghyra entry incorrectly listed the Industrious Endeavour. This is now the Industrious Talent. 
  • Prey’s Vigilance spell has been updated to remove the Defence bonus and reduce the DN.
  • The Ricochet Talent has been reworded to provide more clarity.
  • The Cacophonous Hammer Strikes Miracle has been reworded to provide more clarity.
  • The Alarith Stoneguard now has 9XP to spend on Skills.
  • The Grimwrath Berzerker now has 6XP to spend on Skills.
  • Concussive Shield Talent has been updated to affect targets of your spell.

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