Date Posted: 15-02-2022

AoS: Champions of Order – A Look Back!

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound, Champions of Order is a year old today, so we’re taking a look back at this awesome release now available in print. Champions of Order is packed with content and options to expand on your Soulbound game. Since we launched Champions of Order, we’ve released lots more Soulbound titles and supplements, why not browse them all here?

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Champions of Order

Champions of Order gives players a wealth of new options for creating characters for Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound and features new Archetypes, New Talents, and Devastating New Spells. It’s packed with content and options to expand on your Soulbound game. The book includes:

  • An expanded look at the Soulbound and their history, details on the mysterious Binding ritual that links the heroes’ souls together, and tables filled with sample Short- and Long-term Goals for your hero.
  • A brand new faction, complete with Archetypes — The Lumineth Realm-Lords, Aelves from the Realm of Light!
  • New Archetypes, as well as rules for playing sub-factions such as the Anvils of the Heldenhammer of the Stormcast, the Ironwood Glade of the Sylvaneth, the Kraith of the Daughters of Khaine, and many more!
  • Almost 100 new Talents and 50 new Miracles to further customise and develop your hero!
  • Over 40 devastating new spells to unleash, including a brand new Lore of Magic — the Lore of the High Peaks!
  • Over 30 new Endeavours to undertake between adventures, as well as over a dozen new contacts players can make, from Collegiate Scholars to Kharadron Endrineers.



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Khainite Shadowstalker and Scinari Cathallar by Clara-Marie Morin. Champions of Order cover by Johan Grenier.

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