Date Posted: 07-02-2022

AoS: Champions of Destruction – Ironjawz Reveal!

Hey folks, and welcome back to another #MortalRealmsMonday. Today we are continuing our preview of Champions of Destruction for Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound. Last time we revealed the kunnin’ Kruleboyz. Today we’re taking a look at the brutal Ironjawz!

All Ironjawz artwork illustrated by Siman Vlaisavljević.


You are the paragon of a brutal Orruk, leading every charge and demolishing every obstacle. 

A simple title suits these simple Orruks. Brutes go to battle clad in beaten iron, yet all that extra weight doesn’t slow them one bit as they ram into their foes, wrestle them to the ground, and hack them to pieces with jagged gore-choppas. Almost everything that causes a Brute trouble in life goes away with enough bone-shattering force, and if a Brute ever encounters a problem they can’t beat into submission alone, then a pile-on of additional Brutes usually does the trick. As the Ironjawz like to say, ‘If smashing it don’t work, get more boys and smash it again.’ 

Brute are always looking to Duff Up Da Big Thing, seeking out the biggest beasties and most dangerous enemies to batter into submission.


You beat your drums, or your enemies, in time with the WAAAGH!, so that all can hear the growing rhythm of war.

Many Orruks hear the Waaagh! when it builds to a frenzy, but for Warchanters, the belligerent drumbeat never stops. Fizzing with green energy, Warchanters pound the rhythm with whatever they have on hand, whether it be their fists, their Gorkstikks and Morkstikks, or even their skulls. They are not true Weirdnobs, but their music has an electrifying effect on their mates, drawing them together and stoking their battle fury. As Kragnos’s hooves pound against the earth, many Warchanters have begun drumming in time with the Earthquake God, but just as many have their own beat or even claim to hear Gorkamorka’s distant footfalls. 

Warchanters Beat Da Drum of the Waaagh!, calling their allies to war and whipping them into a violent frenzy.

Weirdnob Shaman

You are an Orruk possessed, convulsing as ectoplasm spills from your mouth and killing green energy sparks through the air.

Sigmarites typically imagine spellcasters as soft and frail, too busy honing their minds to care for their bodies. But such a runt could never survive among the warclans. Corded with muscle, tall before age makes them hunched, Weirdnob Shamans are just as Gorkish as the other Ironjawz. A Weirdnob’s spells are never predictable, but they’re always entertaining, and other Ironjawz sometimes Waaagh! just to see if their favourite spell might go off this time.

Weirdnob Shamans shudder, spasm, and convulse as they channel the Great Green’s power into bizarre spells of the Weird.

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