Date Posted: 28-02-2022

AoS: Champions of Destruction – Gloomspite Gitz Part 2

Hey folks, and welcome back to another #MortalRealmsMonday. Today we are continuing our preview of Champions of Destruction for Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound. Last time we shared the first part of our look at the fungus-covered Gloomspite Gitz. Today we’re venturing into the Everrawl to unearth even more Archetypes of the Gitz!

All Gloomspite Gitz artwork illustrated by Siman Vlaisavljević.

Webspinner Shaman

You speak for the Spider God and its many children, your spells imbued with elemental arachnid energies.

While Scuttlebosses might lead the stalktribes on their raids, Webspinner Shamans are the Spiderfang’s true rulers. Webspinner Shamans encourage spiders to nest on their bodies, particularly the venomous purple skullbacks, and they interpret every bite, and subsequent toxin-induced hallucination, as a message from the Spider God. Mostly their commands are inane, such as when they instruct the entire nest to walk on their hands for a day, but on occasion they achieve actual communion with the eldest Arachnaroks. Their frequent envenomation imbues their bodies and even their spells with the Spider God’s essence, to the point that they act more arachnid than Grot.

Webspinner Shamans are Touched by the Spider God, making their body home to a nest of tiny skullback spiders. Their closeness to their arachnid god grands them powerful magic to poison and trap their foes.

Spider Rider

You scuttle through the densest terrain with ease, paralysing and snaring captives to feed to your hungry gods.

For most of their history together, Giant Spiders ate Grots with impunity. But when the earliest Spiderfang skittermobs discovered that broodlings, stolen from the nest and trained at a young enough age, could be loyal if still deadly mounts, then a historic partnership began. Nowadays, the pairing of a Giant Spider and its rider is the fundamental unit of Spiderfang society, and whole mobs of Spider Riders go to war atop their arachnid steeds. The stalktribes raise many breeds, with such names as Greyfang, Chamonite Ironweb, and Shrieking Manglespitter, but each possesses potent venom, steel-piercing mandibles, and nimble legs which can scale tangled thickets and shattered ruins alike.

Spider Riders charge into battle atop their loyal spider mounts, skewering their enemies with crooked spears drenched in poison.

Rockgut Troggoth

You adapted to the rocky bowels of the realms, giving you a stone hide and earth-shaping hands.

Many tunnels and cavern run within the hearts of mountains or deep beneath the realmscape’s crust. No plants can grow in these deserts of barren stone, nor can any creature survive — except for the Rockgut Troggoths, who don’t seem to realise they’ve made their homes in places completely inimical to life. At rest, Rockgut Troggoths resemble the boulders they feed on, covered as they are in thick stony hides. Their diet of heartsrock also gives them the unique ability to shape stone as if it were soft pulp, which comes in handy when they must open new tunnels or when they forget where they last put their club.

A Rockgut Troggoth’s Stony Skin makes them almost impervious to damage, and their large, lumpen claws can pass through stone with ease, allowing them to hurl giant boulders at their enemies.

Boingrot Bounder

You and your Squig bounce over every defence, lance and teeth punching through whatever’s close enough to reach.

For a Grot, there is no quicker path to glory and admiration than riding a Squig. There is also no quicker path to messy disembowelment, but even then, many aspiring cavaliers take their chances on an irascible Cave Squig’s back. Only those that survive long enough to achieve some degree of mastery get to call themselves Boingrot Bounderz, donning the moon-shaped helms that supposedly keep their mounts from eating them. Boingrot Bounderz are so adept at clinging to their Squigs that they can actually spare attention to fighting as well, using their steed’s meteoric momentum to drive their pokin’ lances straight through steel plate. 

Boingrot Bounderz leap into battle atop their furious Cave Squigs, crushing, chewing, and skewering anything in sight.

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