Date Posted: 21-02-2022

AoS: Champions of Destruction – Gloomspite Gitz Part 1

Hey folks, and welcome back to another #MortalRealmsMonday. Today we are continuing our preview of Champions of Destruction for Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound. Last time we revealed the beast huntin’ Bonesplitterz. Today we’re journeying deep underground to unearth the Archetypes for the Gloomspite Gitz!

All Gloomspite Gitz artwork illustrated by Siman Vlaisavljević.

Fungoid Cave Shaman

You are a mouthpiece of Mork, your fungus-infected brain aflame with visions and surreal hallucinations.

The grand prophets of the Moonclans sample everything the fungal world has to offer to hear Mork’s bellowing voice. These hallucinogenic mushrooms, moulds, and assorted spore-dusted growths are toxic enough to literally melt a Human’s brain. Fungoid Cave Shamans, however, are similar enough to the fungi they ingest that they can survive the experience, albeit with toadstools sprouting at their ears or through their cracked-open skulls. The horticulture on their bodies also attracts all manner of diminutive Squigs and insectoid familiars, so that these visionaries wear living cloaks made from the deep’n’dark as they preach the Bad Moon’s way.

The Fungoid Cave Shaman channels the magic of the Moonclan to unleash disorienting and debilitating magic on their enemies.


You rule your skrap with three things: luck, cunning, and a willingness to murder anyone who gets in your way.

For every Grot who has achieved the title of Loonboss, a hundred more lie dead at their feet. The harshness of the deep’n’dark winnows out the weak, leaving only the nastiest, smartest, and strangest Grots to rule the Moonclans. Many Loonbosses clank about in heavy armour and moon-shaped loonhelms, while the boldest even ride toothy Mangler Squigs. But it’s not their gear that makes Loonbosses dangerous — it’s their minds. All of them possess an arsenal of dirty tricks, stolen from their rivals or refined during their ascent to power, epitomising the Gloomspite Gitz’s ability to level the playing field no matter how much their enemies outweigh them.A Loonboss yearns to feel the Clammy Hand upon them and consume deadly mushrooms to Enter the Everdank to grow closer to its greatness.

Fellwater Troggoth

You adapted to the most disgusting rivers, sewers, and swamps, until you became one with the aqueous filth.

Even Grots struggle to survive in some muggy places, where the mud clings at every step and the smell is enough to knock out those with more delicate constitutions. But Fellwater Troggoths thrive in these environments, bathing in slime and feeding on the flotsam that drift past their trogholes. They have many adaptations, like webbed hands and slick hides, that let them navigate the sludge with ease, but one in particular has made them infamous. With much heaving and retching, Fellwater Troggoths can projectile vomit. Tangled thickets, stone walls, and ironclad soldiers all dissolve within seconds when drenched with this caustic bile. A Feellwater Troggoth’s Terrible Stench is usually enough to keep enemies at bay, but anyone foolish enough to get too close is swiftly dissolved into a putrescent puddle by their Noxious Vomit.


You play a role in a carnival council, spreading nonsense and mayhem under the Bad Moon’s light.

Each figure in the procession is more bizarre than the last. They have strange titles, like Brewgit, Boggleye, or Shroomancer, and even stranger names, such as the Mighty Mezmerizmo or Curdlegore the Arch-spiker. These are Wise-grots, petty priests and brewsters that make up arcane troupes called Gobbapaloozas. Each has a different role to play, inhabiting ancient archetypes which the Gloomspite Gitz have repeated since the Age of Myth, but all perform their duties in a euphoric frenzy once they imbibe their trademark, pain-dulling hallucinogenic brews. The more they indulge their surreal visions and freakish transformations, the further their maniacal magic spreads.Wise-grots take many forms, from capering Scaremongers to poison-brewing Spikers. Regardless of their speciality, a Wise-grot has drunk all manner of strange, hallucinogenic concoction, causing them to be overcome with a Brew-fuelled Madness anytime they consume a potion.

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