Date Posted: 22-07-2022

Announcing Uncharted Journeys – Coming Soon to Kickstarter!

Cubicle 7 are excited to announce Vault 5e — a new line of products to support the 5th edition of the world’s most popular roleplaying game! Vault 5e will bring players and Gamemasters a wide array of original supplements, exciting adventures, and unique campaign settings for 5th edition. Vault 5e will give Gamemasters and players new options to use in their games that build on the existing 5th edition ruleset without rewriting them, layering new easy-to-understand systems on top of the already strong framework of 5th edition. 

Coming Soon: Uncharted Journeys

We’ve already announced Victoriana for 5th edition, which will be coming this year, and we are also hard at work on a brand new original setting which we will announce in the coming months. We have a number of rules and adventure supplements in the works too, and today we are delighted to share the cover of our first release for Vault 5e: Uncharted Journeys! 

Uncharted Journeys is from the team that brought you the award-winning Adventures in Middle-earth, which was praised for how it used the 5th edition rules to bring the world of Lord of the Rings to life and its in-depth yet simple approach to travelling across strange and dangerous lands. Uncharted Journeys gives players and GMs journey rules that make exploration and travel a key part of 5th edition rather than something to be hand-waved or skipped over. The book gives guidance on roles when travelling, people you’ll meet along the way, ways to create your own ancient ruins, and over 100 pages of strange and exciting encounters and events that can happen on your journeys, from encountering weary travellers to discovering a long lost lair of an ancient beast.

Uncharted Journeys is coming soon to Kickstarter! To be notified when Uncharted Journeys launches, follow the campaign here and follow us on Facebook and Twitter so you don’t miss any news!

Uncharted Journeys cover illustrated by Antonio De Luca.