Date Posted: 01-04-2021

Altdorf Comp Winner & Answers!

Did you enter our recent Altdorf Comp? We know some of you have been dying to know the answers – read on to see how many you got right!

Thanks to all who entered, it seems question seven had a lot of entrants scratching their heads! We have contacted the lucky winner – Josh G, who has claimed his fantastic prize of our exclusive print proofs !

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Character One (shown above)

Most respondents figured out that the Highest of the Hooks would have to be the man in charge of the Hooks dockside gang, Veteran War Chief Willi Pick. Hieronymous Johanssen of the Guild of Stevedores was a popular incorrect answer; but Willi is no mere pawn of the merchants. Willi has been mentioned in the ‘Genevieve’ books and Shades of Empire RPG supplement.

Character Two

A famous character from the Warhammer Fantasy Battle Empire army, the Martial fellow was Kurt Helborg, the Reiksmarshal, or High Lord Reiksmarshal as a few respondents with respect for good formalities pointed out. A few folks thought he was Ludwig Schwarzhelm, which is wrong but at least they are peers of a sort. He is certainly not a knavish cove such as Rudi Klumpenklug.

Character Three

Another fellow who is certainly not Rudi Klumpenklug is Harald Kleindienst, otherwise known as ‘Filthy’ Harald, the incorruptible Watch Captain from the ‘Genevieve’ books.

Character Four

Zavant Konniger, the sage detective who appeared in a number of Black Library short stories, is depicted here.

Character Five

Most respondents correctly guessed that the scryer was Rosanna Ophuls from the ‘Genevieve’ books.

Character Six

Whilst the post of Supreme Patriarch was recently won by Balthasar Gelt most of our respondents were able to identify his predecessor, Thyrus Gormann. Thyrus was introduced in the Empire Army Book for the 4th edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battle and later featured in Realms of Sorcery. He has nothing to do with the selling of hats or birthday cakes.

Character Seven

This was the one who seemed to cause folks the most difficulty, and the most common answer was an incorrect one. He is not Imperial Spymaster Siegfried von Walfen (our man is too disreputable), nor is he Detlef Sierck (our man is too thin), Etienne Villechaize (our man is too tall), Prince Klozsowski (our man is too old), or Yevgeny Yefimovich (our man may be naughty, but he’s not that naughty). It was Count Jager, the putative Avatar of Ranald who was described in Tome of Salvation.

Character Eight

Professor Friedrich ‘Olde’ Wierde authored a number of White Dwarf articles in the lead up to the Storm of Chaos in the early 2000s. He does not need to ‘give up on the hair’. His hair is magnificent.

Character Nine

The Genevieve books also introduced Altdorf’s deeply unpopular Chancellor Mornan Tybalt, who is illustrated here.

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