Date Posted: 09-11-2020

Age of Sigmar: Soulbound, Rotten to the Core Out Now!


Last week we released Anvilgard City Guide for Shadows in the Mist – and today we are thrilled to release the next exciting PDF – Rotten to the Core!

If you pre-order the physical copy of Shadows in the Mist from our webstore here, you will receive the Anvilgard City Guide, the first PDF adventure –  Bloodtide and Rotten to the Core. The other PDFs in this pre-order will follow once released. If you missed our post on Anvilgard City Guide check it out here. 

Alternatively you can buy Rotten to the Core in PDF only from our webstore here.

You can also pre-order Shadows in the Mist via DrivethruRPG here or buy just the Rotten to the Core  PDF from DrivethruRPG here.

Shadows in the Mist campaign, which contains six exciting ready-to-play adventures set in the city of Anvilgard. The adventures can be played as a complete campaign that sees the Soulbound uncover the truth of who — or what — is threatening Anvilgard, or can be used as individual standalone adventures. 

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Rotten to the Core

Rotten to the Core is the second adventure in the Shadows in the Mist campaign. It can be played as part of that campaign or as a standalone adventure.

There is something rotten at the heart of Anvilgard. The defoliant cannons that protect the city from the aggressive growth of ever-encroaching jungle have been sabotaged and the city is undefended. Bickering and infighting cripples the Grand Conclave, and the city teeters on the brink of disaster. Someone must do something before Anvilgard rots from the inside out. 

Rotten to the Core follows the events of Blood Tide and sees a party of Soulbound heroes fight their way back to Anvilgard only to find it under attack from the servants of Nurgle. Disposing of the creatures, the heroes learn that the defoliant cannons that normally protect the city seem to have failed or been sabotaged. They must discover who is responsible before Anvilgard is overrun by the deadly jungle. The party’s actions set into motion events that will shape the future of the City of Scales.

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