Date Posted: 07-03-2022

Age of Sigmar: Soulbound, Champions of Destruction – Ogor Mawtribes!

Hey folks, and welcome back to another #MortalRealmsMonday. Today we are continuing our preview of Champions of Destruction for Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound. Over the last two weeks we shared a look at the fungus-covered Gloomspite Gitz (here and here). Today we’re following a Mawpath across the barren wastes as we reveal Archetypes of the Ogor Mawtribes!

All Ogor Mawtribes artwork illustrated by Dániel Kovács.

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You supply your mates with meat, conducting sacred feasts to honour the Great Beast that Consumes the Realms.

Butchers start their training young. Any number of things might draw the eye of an existing Butcher looking for an apprentice: a maw-shaped birthmark, a habit of tasting and seasoning food, or simply a portliness that implies the Gulping God’s blessing. However the young Ogor is chosen, many years of practice lie ahead. Butchers are both priests and culinarians, divining the Gulping God’s will from gory entrails and wielding magic fueled by fat, blood, and offal. They direct the warglutts to new feasts with zealous fervour, for every bite an Ogor consumes strengthens their connection to their ravenous god.  

Butcher’s use the power of Gutmagic to inflict their foes with a crippling hunger and empower their allies to engage in a gluttonous bloodbath. 


A master of spice and heat, you eat flame before spewing it over your foes and roasting them alive.

A Red Sun once shone over Ghur, until Gorkamorka grabbed it, choked it down, and burped up flames so hot and fierce they formed the Realm of Aqshy. At least, so preach the Firebellies, the wandering Ogor mystics who worship the Gulping God in his aspect as the Sun-eater. To join their cult, an Ogor must sear away their hair, tattoo their skin with chorsquid ink, and finally kill and eat a Magmadroth. Their combustible diet stokes a raging flame inside them, which they can belch forth to both shroud themselves from harm and roast their next meal. If that meal includes the mouth-scalding ingredients which the Firebellies prize, the cycle of sacred heartburn continues.

When a Firebelly is Reborn From Flames they are imbued with the magical power of the Sun-eater, allowing them to wreath themselves in searing flame and summon a fiery whirlwind to turn their foes to ash.

Icebrow Hunter

A lonely ranger touched by winter’s chill, you stalk through the wilds on your eternal hunt. 

Scouting ahead of the ravenous Mawtribes, the Icebrow Hunters see and hear all in the desolate wilds. Belonging to the lonely arm of the Alfrostuns called the Skal, Icebrow Hunters eschew the company — and hierarchy — of other Ogors. Instead, they prefer to spend time with Frost Sabres, leonine arctic beasts who the Hunters adopt as cubs and raise with fierce love and loyalty. The carefully harvested blood of the Frost Sabres, when drunk, allows Icebrow Hunters to freeze anything they breathe upon, and if their prey doesn’t perish immediately, then a heavy throwing spear is usually enough to finish the job. 

Often accompanied by loyal Frost Sabres, Icebrow Hunters stalk their prey across the realms, striking unseen to slay their enemies. 


You are the archetypal mercenary, picking up new tastes, techniques, and plunder from your travels.

When Gorkamorka broke from the Pantheon of Order, many Ogors found themselves free to hunt and eat Sigmar’s precious Humans. These Maneaters soon started accepting pay to kill just about anyone, but the name stuck, much to the concern of Freeguilders who find themselves standing next to Ogor mercenaries today. Maneaters are often restless, younger Ogors looking for adventure, and in the faraway lands where they sell their swords — or teeth, as the case may be — they find it. Maneaters return as folk heroes to their Mawtribes, wearing the most delightful outfits and telling stories that always end with a good disembowelment.

Maneaters have Been There, Done That, and their years of experience and ability to adapt make them a deadly and unpredictable foe.

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