Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound, Brightspear Map

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This intricately designed, high-resolution full-colour A1 (23 x 33 in.) map is the perfect addition to any game of Soulbound! The map is crammed full of useful details to inspire games for both players and GM’s alike.

Brightspear is the central focus of the Soulbound Starter Set but also appears in the Cities of Flame supplement that comes with the Gamemaster’s Screen, as well as in the adventure Fateful Night. There’s plenty more adventuring to happen in the city of Brightspear, so this map will prove an invaluable tool for a long time to come!

The city of Brightspear is a bastion of light and civilisation in a world filled with violence and horror. The fledgling city provides those who would make the perilous journey there with opportunities unlike anywhere else in the Mortal Realms. But Brightspear is not the haven of safety that people hoped. The influx of traders and fortune seekers has brought with it gangs and cutthroats; the ancient magical vaults beneath the city have drawn power-hungry mages and scientists keen to discover the dark secrets buried below; and the corrupting influence of Tzeentch has not left the city. The fate of Brightspear will be determined by its people and the heroes that stand to defend it. If they band together and work to a common cause, the city may yet survive. If they give themselves over to mistrust, fear, and hatred, the city will surely fall to the Dark Gods of Chaos.

Map created by Dániel Kovács.

The Brightspear Map does not include a PDF copy.

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