Date Posted: 18-12-2020

40k Litanies of the Lost Pre-Order & Duty Beyond Death PDF


Exciting News – we have one more release before the Holidays!

Today we are launching the pre-order for Litanies of the Lost. When you pre-order Litanies of the Lost, you will receive the first exciting scenario – Duty Beyond Death! The remaining three scenarios will be sent as they are ready.

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Litanies of the Lost


Bathed in the corrupt light of the Great Rift, the Gilead System is rife with peril. Vile xenos assail humanity from all sides, internecine strife between the factions of the Imperium threaten a catastrophic civil war, and daemonic entities penetrate reality from Cicatrix Maledictum.

Discover devious plots and unravel murderous mysteries amongst feuding faiths on the agri world of Ostia. Investigate tech heresy, mechanical misdemeanours, and arcane rituals amongst the manufactora of the forge world Avachrus. Protect the holy shrine world of Enoch from enemies without, and traitors within. 

Litanies of the Lost contains four exciting scenarios suitable for Wrath & Glory characters of Tiers 1 and 2. These can be played as entertaining stand-alone adventures, or combined into a perilous planet-hopping campaign that highlights the political strife and myriad dangers present in the Gilead System. 

Litanies of the Lost includes: 

  • Duty Beyond Death: something has gone nightmarishly wrong at the Pakthertius Servitor Manufactorum — investigate to discover its arcane technological secrets, and try to be the first to emerge alive! 
  • Dark Bidding: a clandestine contract to procure a stolen stasis coffin with a mysterious Astartes occupant leads the party deep into the mechanical bowels of the Adeptus Mechanicus’s underworld. 
  • Grim Harvest: a spate of strange deaths at an agri world mega-acreage threatens its crucial crops, but the source may be more sinister than the frictions between the competing Imperial factions in the area. 
  • Vow of Silence: an investigation of potential heretical activity at a silent monastery goes awry when some unexpected — and murderous — guests arrive. 

Duty Beyond Death

The Pakthertius Manufactorum has gone dark. The legions of Servitors that it once produced has halted. All that emerges from those sent to investigate, are terrified screams across static filled voxes. The Gilead system cannot afford to lose one of its greatest Manufactorums, but something horrifying lurks at the heart of the Manufactorum and it does not want you there…

Duty Beyond Death is an action-horror themed adventure, where a group of investigators must delve deep into the bloodstained brass corridors of an Adeptus Mechanicus facility to uncover the sinister evil that lurks within. But how can anyone find truth in a place where unfeeling assembly lines drag corpses to shuddering un-life by brutal cybernetics? Where every snaking corridor is stalked by killing machines and humanity-devoid individuals that worship a Machine God? And where the facility itself seems intent on ending your investigation with increasing cruelty.

This chilling adventure is the first part of the Litanies of the Lost campaign, but could easily be run as a standalone adventure or inserted into an ongoing campaign. It also includes detailed maps of an Adeptus Mechanicus Manufactorum and rules to grant sinister intelligence to an otherwise mundane location.

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