Date Posted: 05-02-2021

40k – Forsaken System Update 5th Feb 2021


We hope all the Wrath & Glory fans out there are enjoying the recently released Forsaken System Player’s Guide PDF. We’re looking forward to hearing your Ogryn, Ratling, and Kroot adventures on our social media pages!

As an update to the PDF file is going out today and as we’ve had a few questions about the book, we thought we’d address them in a quick post. 

If you want to find out more about Forsaken System Player’s Guide or pre-order now and receive the PDF straight away, check out this post.


In the Wrath & Glory Rulebook, the statistics of wargear included a Rarity rating to narratively explain how available it is, ‘Common’, ‘Uncommon’, ‘Rare’, ‘Very Rare’, or ‘Unique’. These Rarity ratings were also used when attempting to acquire Wargear through the use of Influence, adding a modifier to the DN of the roll; Common added +0, Uncommon +1, Rare +2, Very Rare +3, and Unique +4.  

Wrath & Glory is a living game, and our dedicated creative team are always looking at ways to improve everything we do to give you the best possible experience. The most recent change is the presentation of Rarity in Wargear statistics, using the modifier numbers instead of the words. This makes the weapon statistics easier to read, and allows us to fit more on a single page  — after all, in the 41st Millennium more guns are always a good thing! 

Errata Cutoff 

First off, we’d like to once again thank all of our amazing fans for sending in feedback and errata. Without you, our books would not be the same. We endeavour to address everything sent through to our errata form. The errata for this printing of the Forsaken System Player’s Guide will close at 5pm GMT today – Friday the 5th of February. 


We have fixed the font issue with Version 1.0 of the Forsaken System Player’s Guide, rectified some minor textual errors, and made the following more substantial corrections:  

Page 12

The incorrect Adventure Hook has been corrected to Apostate Martyrs

Page 112

The formatting of the Tech-Priest Dominus Archetype’s Wargear has been edited for clarity and to make it easier to read. 

Page 114

The Ratling Sniper Archetype’s Wargear has been updated for the correct range of sniper rifle choices. 

Page 117

The following changes were made to the Tech Adept Archetype:  

  • Corrected the Suggested Attribute Ratings. 
  • Corrected the XP Cost for Suggested Attributes. 
  • Corrected the XP cost for the Suggested Skills. 

Page 123

Added the missing statistics for the Bolt Rifle and the Condemnor Boltgun.

Corrected the Traits and Keywords of the Eradication Ray.  

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