Date Posted: 04-12-2020

40K: Forsaken System Player’s Guide Art Reveal!


Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay: Wrath & Glory

Recently we shared art from upcoming title – Forsaken System Player’s Guide. See the gargantuan grain silos of the agri-world Ostia tower here. Today, we have another piece of art to share – the Astartes Librarian!

Astartes Librarian

I don’t need powers of astral divination to foresee your complete eradication.

– Codicier Pandemos of the Flesh Tearers Chapter

You are a battle-psyker of the Adeptus Astartes, a terrifying combination of inhuman might and warp-endowed superpowers.

If an Astartes aspirant is discovered to possess psychic potential, they are seconded to their Chapter’s Librarius, where they undergo even more gruelling instruction. Those who overcome the trials with their mind, body and soul intact become Librarians. They prophecise future conflicts, facilitate the Chapter’s astrotelepathic communications, and unleash deadly magics against enemy formations.

The Warp’s constant temptations transform Librarians into somber, even sinister, figures. As chroniclers of their Chapter’s history, their powers often manifest in sympathy with their brotherhood’s traditions — for example, the psychic blast of a Salamanders Librarian might appear as the fiery breath of a dragon from Nocturne, the Salamanders’ homeworld.

Amongst the many powers of an Absolvers Librarian is the crafting of unbreakable vows, that destroy any who attempt to violate their promise. This assurance of allegiance has helped forge unity throughout the Gilead System, albeit through the threat of psychic obliteration.

We can also mention that the Librarian is one of 20 new Archetypes, and that the Forsaken System Player’s Guide features the Librarius Psychic discipline along with a small armoury of new Wargear. 

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Art by Siman Vlaisavljević.

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