Date Posted: 22-08-2020

#40k Forsaken System Art Reveal!

#40k Art Reveal

As part of Uk Games Virtually Expo we are sharing videos, blog posts, news, and art reveals across the weekend! Check out these amazing Archetypes from one of our upcoming Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay releases — Forsaken Systems Players Guide.

Forsaken System Player’s Guide 

New heroes of the Imperium emerge, ready to explore and defend the Warp-forsaken Gilead System from the evils of heresy, xenos, and daemonkind. The Forsaken System Player’s Guide expands on character options, game mechanics, and the dismal darkness of the 41st Millennium. 

  • Twenty new playable Archetypes, complete with new Wargear, Abilities, and Psychic Powers. 
  • Three new playable Species: Ogryns, Ratlings, and Kroot. 
  • A new downtime Endeavours system to enhance your games at — and beyond — the table. 
  • Expanded information on the Factions vying for power, packed with opportunities for intrigue and adventure. 
  • Detailed descriptions on the Gilead System’s prominent figureheads  — perfect for use by the GM or as Patrons with new Frameworks for the players. 
  • Expanded Backgrounds for the beleaguered residents of the Gilead System, providing more information on life in the agri world, forge world, knight world, hive world, and shrine world. 


The Confessor is a Tier 2 Adeptus Ministorum Archetype. 

Zealous preachers of the Ecclesiarchy, Confessors bring the word of the God-Emperor to His fearful citizens. Duty bound to purge heresy from Human souls, the righteous rhetoric of a Confessor can force entire crowds to profess their sins. The Emperor’s mouthpieces are equipped with the knowledge and technology to deliver adequate retribution. 

Sister Dialogus 

The Sister Dialogus is a Tier 3 Adepta Sororitas Archetype. 

Bellowing over the harrowing din of war, a Dialogus delivers inspiring sermons to her Battle Sisters, lifting their spirits and stoking their fervent hatred for the enemies of Humanity. With incredible knowledge of scripture, languages, and translation complimenting their abilities as fierce warriors, Sisters Dialogus have proven their worth in many crucial missions serving the God-Emperor’s will. 

Sicarian Ruststalker 

The Sicarian Sicarian is a Tier 3 Adeptus Mechanicus Archetype.  

Reconstructed warriors of the Adeptus Mechanicus, Sicarian Ruststalkers are deadly assassins bristling with transonic weaponry, advanced augmetics, and a calculated bloodlust. Functioning as frontline or stealth warriors, a ruststalker strikes with mathematical precision at inhumanly fast speeds. 

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