Date Posted: 04-09-2020

#40k Forsaken System Art Reveal!


Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay: Wrath & Glory

Recently we shared some amazing archetype art from future release – Forsaken System Player’s Guide . Today we have another piece to share with you – the Ogryn Warrior shown above!

The Ogryn Warrior is a Tier 2 Astra Militarum Archetype. 

Monstrous musculature and resilience far beyond any Imperial Guardsman more than make up for the base stupidity of the average Ogryn. The crude mind of an Ogryn Warrior worries little for their life, and will charge headlong into battle firing their brutal Ripper Gun, an avalanche of muscle crushing any enemy that stands in their way.  

If you missed our last reveal, you can find it here.

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